Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

we ditched church

my mom made this makeshift band aid to keep ryder's hands off of the cut.  
sunday, february 26th, we ditched church.  i was hoping to keep the boys away from any extra germs while stew was at winter camp with the high schoolers.  as life would have it, we spent the day in children's hospital, collecting EVERY nasty germ you can imagine.

it started out as a great morning, the boys running around, playing in the front with their friend and neighbor, ethan.  at around 11:45am i went upstairs to put asher down for an early nap.  no sooner did i put him on the bed to change his diaper, did i hear screaming.  it was the kind of screaming that lead me to believe that something was actually wrong, not just a cry from not getting their way.  i darted down the stairs, carrying asher like a football under my arm.  at the front door stood ryder, head hanging, covered in blood.  i immediately went into "fix it" mode and wanted to check it all out. fortunately i was able to remember that the head bleeds the most.  i also recalled a similar injury that one of my small group girls suffered from while we were wake boarding(that's a great story in itself!  we'll save it for another time.).  all that said, i knew he was going to be ok as he told me that he had ran into the wall.   i called my mom and told her i needed her to come watch the other boys while i took ryder to get stitches.  5 minutes later she was there and helping me stop the bleeding.  my aunt bonnie was heading down to pick up my aunt letha from the airport and close enough that we waited for her to join us in this little adventure.

 i called children's as we were on our way.  they redirected us to the urgent care in escondido or oceanside-  we picked o'side.  turns out they don't do stitches and sent us back down to children's.  two hours and a billion germs later we were seen.  they ended up using glue on the gash, much better than stitches we were told.   ryder was great!  he was happy and laughing until the glue warmed up.  that stuff gets hot!

the nurse at the children's urgent care in oceanside cleaned him  up and gave him a new head bandage.   then being the crazy mom i am, i threw this mask on him and  promised boat loads of ice cream.  you would have done the same with all the nasty coughing and germs. 
we had plenty of hours for reading and such.

all glued shut. 

after a VERY long day, our brave little 3 year old left children's with a red badge of courage.  ryder had more than earned himself a large helping of chocolate "ice cream".  thank you to all of our family and friends for chipping in, watching our other kids, dragging isaac around to a friend's birthday party and filling in where we couldn't.  we feel so grateful for the relationships in our lives and the lives of our boys.  i am certain this won't be the last trip to children's, but i am hoping we can take a break for a little while.

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