Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

catching up... kinda.

i am so behind on blogging.  i tell myself that at least our boys will have the books we make from these blogs as a document of their childhood.  turns out they might miss seeing a lot of the memories if i don't get my act together.  can i blame it on the fact that there are so many of them and the fact that they are busy keeping me busy?! here's a glimpse at the past few weeks via my phone.  more to come.

our neighbors moved to china.  the boys miss their bike riding buddy, ethan.

nothing says "happy birthday" like vg's donuts!  happy birthday sweet addison!

if this isn't the cutest and tastiest cake!  we had a wonderful time.  of course i failed to bring a camera, but this gal didn't. 

more birthday celebrating!  
happy birthday matt! 
just when we needed a big break in our day, the reviers let us come over to play!  thanks friends!

asher gained THREE molars in two weeks(can you see the little thing on the bottom right?)!  that was fun. 

happy birthday dear friend!
lots of water table time. 

asher is back to this now that those teeth are in.  PRAISE THE LORD!  

so fun to play with our friends!  thanks for letting us bust in!

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