Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, July 30, 2012

big bear

 this past week we headed to big bear for a few days with stew's family.  it was a little piece of heaven! beautiful weather, a house full of family to chase the boys, sitting on the porch reading a book for a couple of hours(when does a mom get to do this?), naps(for me too),  boating, paddle boarding, eating, playing games once the kids went down, and lots of laughing.  i totally enjoyed myself and so did the rest of the crew.  here's a glimpse at our three days at big bear.  thank you chris and alan!  what a sweet gift!

isaac said the boat was his favorite part of our vacation.  he was a great little driver!

the water was FREEZING!!
ryder jumped in for a minute or two and was ready to get out.

the entire back porch was enclosed.  HUGE perk when you have 3 little kids running around.

 best picture thanks to uncle derek's awesome shirt lifting reflection.
the whole gang right before we said goodbye.

not pictured:  ryder waking up at 11pm, stuck under the bed.  he was awake for a couple of hours!  i think i slept through most of it, but poor stew did not.  we all napped the next day.  i'd also like to add that the road to big bear is VERY twisty!  holy heavens, i felt sick.

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