Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, January 20, 2013

asher turns 2!

our rowdy two year old was greeted by our crew with balloons... his favorite!  he was pretty excited it was his birthday!  

we had planned a low key birthday for and two friends playing trains.  turns out the flu got the best of us and asher started in on tamiflu.  nothing like a trip to the doctor on your birthday.

gaga popped in to give asher his gift.  she then quickly left before catching our nasty germs. 

still smiling as he got ready for bed.

asher, you are a pistol and i love it!  you have been a mama's boy from the get go.  i probably held you too much(or so dadddy says) due to the fact that i dropped you on your head at 3 months.  you have so much personality!  you love to boss us all around, telling us where to go and what to do.  you are NOT low key.  you are a total entertainer and love to get us all laughing.  we were certain you would be our easy going third born.  we were wrong.  you will not be left out or run over.  you are a great little talker and never mind telling the rest of us what's going to happen.  i love that you tell us that you are 3 years old in hopes of getting gum.  one more year and you can chew your little heart out.  you love to eat and i mean EAT!  you can throw 1.5 costco hotdogs down at a time.  it's amazing.  you also enjoy fruits and veggies which sometimes surprises me.   you are not shy.  you run into a room and quickly make yourself at home.  the nursery is a different story, but some people(mommy included) need more time warming up at church.  we love how you keep us on our toes.  i laugh at how hard you work to keep up with the brothers.  you take hit after hit and continue to go back for more.  i love your persistence(most of the time).  it's a really good thing you're so tough. asher, you have already decided you play with big boy legos since you won't be the only one playing with the duplos.  you are a great mess maker but you do a pretty good job cleaning up when you have to.  no david has become a new family favorite(thanks drakes!).  you love to "read" the pages, screaming along with the brothers.  daddy teases that it's an autobiography for you guys.  we are constantly amazed at all you learn and how quickly you have grown into a toddler.  we love you so much and can't wait to see all that God has in store for your precious life.  

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