Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, January 20, 2013

the flu

and then it hit!  isaac tested positive for the flu, strand a. fortunately this is this magic medicine called tamiflu! he started it that day and within 24 hours was returning back to his normal isaac self.   

 unfortunately, the other two started to show symptoms by this point(dr. metsch wasn't kidding when he said we'd see signs within 5 days of exposure).  let's hear it for tamiflu!!  this flu wasn't the barfing and diarrhea bug(praise the LORD!!), but more of a respiratory deal.  they did all get nauseous with their first dose, but that was about it.  i ended up with some sort of nasty cold as well(wish they let pregnant people take tamiflu!).  the good news... we all are well... finally!  i love having a healthy house.  three more weeks until #4 arrives and we're hoping to stay healthy!

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