Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, January 21, 2013


last saturday i was feeling under the weather, but decided to head out to celebrate jamie's baby boy.  turns out the sprinkle i was headed to was a surprise sprinkle for noah and i.  no wonder melissa laughed when she picked me up and i had my mask in hand and uggs on with my dress.  it was such a sweet morning.  i felt totally spoiled!  karen(thank you!!) had organized some dear friends to gather and celebrate over breakfast and games(yes, i said to follow.).

she did not skip on a single detail.  karen went over the top!  it was all gorgeous.

karen tried to get away without holding up her VERY LONG string.  nice try.

clearly she thinks i look skinny;)
three more weeks until we meet this little love!

i will be spending a day at la costa!  thanks friends!

and a seriously huge thank you to melissa, my sweet friend that captured the morning.  she has tons of other photos to edit and go through and yet she took the time to share these with me.  i rarely get in front of the camera when i am pregnant, but knowing this is the last, i am so grateful for the memory.  here's to sweet friends that continue to put up with me, especially when i am pregnant!  i am a very lucky girl.  

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parsonsfamily said...

It was so fun to get to celebrate Noah and I just can't wait to meet him! And let's be honest, not only was it a treat for you but I think we all enjoyed a bit of girl time on a Saturday morning without the littles.....when's the next shower? Glad you were able to get some use out of the pics.


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