Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, December 20, 2012

happy 4th birthday ryder!

our big boy turned 4! this year he wanted a batman bug hunt. what's that you ask. well, we didn't really know so we hid bugs and bats and decorated with batman. it was the best i could think of.
ryder invited a few families to come play and celebrate. it was a good thing we kept it small since we were all inside due to the rain. the kids didn't seem to mind as stew chased and tackled them all through the house. ryder said he had so much fun! success.

ryder, you are a very thoughtful, adventurous and curious little boy. you continue to wow me with the questions you ask. on your birthday you came into our room and we were discussing having baby noah. you then asked me, "how are you going to take care of all of us?" i kind of laughed as i told you we would laugh and cry, but i would do it. you don't let me or daddy get away with anything. you remember every promise and word said and call us out on everything. you constantly point out if something is inappropriate for you and your brothers. along with your serious side comes a very silly sense of humor. you love to goof around and tend to get really silly with isaac. you guys love to make up words and sayings and repeat them over and over. you currently say, "excuse me mr. hotdog" when saying excuse me for a burp. you and your brothers think it's pretty funny. you have continued to teach your brothers words and speech. we are so proud of how you help them talk without frustration or discouraging them. your vocabulary is amazing! i often say that you were given the gift of gab because Jesus knew you would be an amazing brother to help teach your brothers. you and isaac continue to refer to each other as best friends. you have your moments and days when you fight, but overall you both enjoy your endless hours together(i am so grateful!). i love that you defend each other. i hope you carry this trait with you for life and defend those in need of defending. i love listening to you two in quiet time as you play with your little legos and men. you guys create such fun story lines and i wonder how in the world you think of some of the things you do. you are still my reserved little boy when it comes to big crowds of people you don't know. you like to take your time warming up before you show off all your spunk. ryder, you are our little competitive one. you hate to think you might lose and love to be in the lead when we take family walks. you might be the one that actually likes to play sports to win(this makes mommy so excited;)). we are working on your writing and you seem very pleased when you learn to write a new letter. whenever we tell you that you aren't old enough for something or that something isn't appropriate for your age, you ask if you can do it when you're 20. looks like your 20th year is going to be a big one! Jesus has so much in store for your life and i am so grateful he trusted you to us. i love you so much and love the person you are becoming.

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