Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, October 21, 2013

8 months of noah

sweet baby noah, you are a total love.  you have those two bottom teeth you've been working so hard on and some relief from the pain.  we're all thrilled to have less tears in the house.  you've even started sleeping a bit better--yay!!  you are an efficient crawler and apparently looking to be a great climber.  we are trying to figure out how we will slow you down.  the brothers love you and continue to smother cover you with plenty of hugs, kisses and tackles.  you don't mind.  you seem to love the chaos of our life.  being alone seems to be the one thing you really don't like.  it's a good thing since being alone in this family is a rarity. you have found asher's trucks and think those are amazing toys.  you have also found the legos and continue to attempt to grab those expensive little choking hazards.  thank you for keeping us on our toes and reminding us how much we love having you in our lives.  we sleep (when you all allow us to) really well thanks to your activity!  you are such a sweet little baby and we think you fit in this crazy life just perfectly.  i love you!

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