Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

family photos

 my friend amanda did me a huge favor and snapped some photos of our family on my camera.  such a gift!  and much to my surprise it wasn't super stressful.  more of the pictures to come.  we're using them for our christmas cards.  let's see if i get those out this year;) 
here are a few of the funny ones...

 please note ryder's face!
 really asher?
 love that isaac is lounging on stew's head.
 we met when i was 22 and stew was 23.  we are almost 36 and 37 and still working hard on this relationship.  so grateful for these photos of just us.  i like the kids, but i also like just us. 

 whose idea was it to have the kids grab sticks?!  rookie mom move.

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