Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

baby steps

so my initial post about our system equilibrating pretty quickly to asher's presence may have been a little premature. i know he has only been home for three full days now, but things are not settling nearly as fast as i wish they would. i took the day off today (mostly b/c i was gone all day yesterday snowboarding with my high school students--yes, my job is very rough) and let's just say it did not get off to a pristine start.

isaac marched into our room at a few minutes before 6, and i walked into his and ryder's room to find the younger one standing in his bed with nothing but a sagging diaper and sleeves on, the rest of his sleeper hanging behind him like a flowing, purple cape. then next couple hours went kind of like this: lots of bossing and whining from two toddlers probably feeling a bit stressed from undergoing a huge transition, dropping the gallon of milk on the kitchen floor, and to top it all off, suffering through barney's christmas video for what felt like the bajillionith time. needless to say everybody's patience was a little strained by the time momma and asher made it downstairs.

to avoid some sort of major family incident, the five of us decided to get outside for a while. you have to love january in socal, 75 degrees and sunny. yes, annie had major abdominal surgery only a week ago, but she ain't slowing down for nobody. after driving to the park, everybody kinda loosened up and the boys were able to expend some of their excess. you can hardly tell them apart in the video given their matching hats and shirts. overall the day turned out, and we should have it all figured out just in time for the next one to come along.

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