Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, January 14, 2011

one minor hiccup

here are the promised pictures that round out our last few days in the hospital:

my mom came to watch the boys at our place so that auntie bonnie could come meet asher

papa al came by thursday afternoon, all decked out in his hip new flannel

derek and beth came down on wednesday night, brought me red robin, and met their new nephew

he was pretty tired by the end of the day

...and annie's feet were a little swollen from all the fluids. there is a reason we call her p diddy after she gives birth. (hint: the p is for puffy)

this morning started out pretty well...

until our fantastic pediatrician dr. metsch told us that his bilirubin levels were borderline and that we were going to have to stick around to do a new test at 2pm.

after a visit from my mom in the morning, we spent rest of the morning and early afternoon just hanging in the room, trying to get asher some rays to help him with the jaundice. it was tough to be patient, but it made for some great pictures

please note the aforementioned hair on the shoulder

as we waited, my mind began to play progressively worse case scenario generally revolving around us being separated from asher when we left the hospital and he had to stay there. but dr. metsch called around 330 to set us free, and we were home by dinner time.


Evelyn said...

He is so sweet with his peach fuz skin. Love it :) great pics!

Evelyn said...

and by the way, he so looks like Isaac!


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