Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, January 14, 2011

los tres hermanos locos

when we got home on friday evening, we approached our house and found it decorated, just as we had with the births of the two other boys. one of the funnest things about this time, however, is that both isaac and ryder had been a part of putting them together.

the thing that jumped out to me immediately about this grouping was the possessive "our brother". this phrase has rung true time and time again since we have been home.

this one is a little bit more hulk hogan: welcome brother!

isaac was absolutely ecstatic when we got home. he literally screamed, "baby asher's here!" and sprinted for the door

isaac had been holding one part of a plastic m&m holder in each hand up until we asked if he wanted to hold baby asher at which point he flung the pieces to the ground and jumped up and down.

holding him has quickly become a favorite hobby for both of the boys.

there are lots of necessary reminders to not touch his face

they crawl all over each other to look at him, and sometimes come pretty close to climbing on him in the process.

they also find it hard to believe that they were ever this small

ryder gives him one of his many hugs. although he was initially a little unsure, his thing lately has been to do a "hug by". he will run up, quickly give asher a hug (and sometimes a kiss) before he tears off around the living room again.

isaac has been ultra sweet with him, nurturing him and really looking out for him

asher brought the boys ice cream when he came home from the hospital, a peace offering designed to ingratiate himself with the natives

when we were looking forward to asher's birth, one of the things i was most excited about was to see how he would fit in with isaac and ryder. although i was largely thinking more along the lines of a couple years down the road, it has been heart breaking (in a good way) to watch them look out for him and involve him in the daily activity of the house. before you know it, they will have him in a headlock too.

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