Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, May 31, 2012

an extra 100lbs

the weather is heating up...  looks like we're going to be spending some good time at the spray pad this summer.  
every year we run the encinitas 5k as a family.  i accidentally signed up for another race on the same day.   fortunately stew is man enough to handle a little 5k with all three in tow;)  looking good, babe!

while stew was hauling an extra hundred pounds through the streets of encinitas, my booty was desperately trying to act like the 21 year old i think i am, running the ROC race.  it was awesome!  i'll be doing this again and again(if my body permits)!  for the full 3.2 miles, i felt like i was in high school again- invincible!  i miss that feeling. 
we celebrated mother's day a little late with grandma chris!  we sprinted through sea life, showing grandma chris all our favorites!  

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