Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, May 4, 2012

friday phone dump and then some

we were invited to meet the chefs of del mar- oh my delicious!  we ate our way through the afternoon(nothing new for us).  i seriously ate enough food for an entire week and then some.     
thank you huffmans!  and thank you allison for watching all the boys:)

these four are full of life...  running in and out, up and down stairs and finally taking a breather  for a little movie.    amanda and i were certain we have this same shot from a couple of years ago.  good times. 

this character managed to gather a pile of snails for his "collection."  boys are interested in such different things than girls.  i used to collect betty boop memorabilia (don't judge)-- my how my life looks different with boys.
i looked back at 12:15pm,  driving home from preschool, to find that i had a quiet car.   don't worry, they were just recharging their batteries!  
on the evenings when daddy is out late, we do what it takes to survive.  this usually means pulling out the trundle,  jumping on the beds, climbing, body tackling and maybe a visit from auntie allison or gaga.  these days aren't as hard as they once were.  i anticipate them getting easier and easier (stew won't let me use the word easy when it comes to children. probably a good call.). 

the chameleon(in ryder's arms) was on loan from isaac's class for a few days. 

auntie bonnie came down to watch the boys while we headed out for a little birthday party at a winery.   thanks auntie! 

loved getting to celebrate sean at the orfila winnery- happy birthday sean! it was seriously this relaxed and this enjoyable.  we'll be returning. 
the boys love playing at the mattingly pad.  it's full of toys, games and lots of room!  julie busted out the  where is sock monkey game.  have you ever seen 3 and 4 year olds play this?  what a riot!  they would hide the monkey and then promptly tell each other where it was hidden.
thank you mattingly family!  we love our time with you all!

this fool was just thrilled to be included in the festivities.  i am not going to lie, we leave him behind whenever we get the chance.  he's at a very busy age and it makes it hard to enjoy a good conversation.  don't feel too bad, he usually stays behind with my mom or aunt, getting plenty of much needed one on one time. 

isaac is a huge fan of bradley's electric four wheeler!

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