Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, July 1, 2012

congratulations auntie!!

 after 42 years in education, my aunt bonnie is retiring.  she has given so much of herself to thousands of students and staff.  a little over a week ago we drove up to my aunt's school district to celebrate her and all she has done.  we were joined by a crowd of friends and fellow educators that were there to share all that my aunt has done for them.  she is one loved lady!  i am so glad we were there!  yay for auntie's retirement!  bring on the mid week visit from auntie!  we can't wait.  we love you auntie and we know what a big deal you are, to not only us, but to that whole district and the students who you have influenced.

tomorrow my mom and aunt leave for paris to celebrate!  those two deserve a fun vacation, full of celebrating!

these boys did pretty good.  

*not pictured- the 20+ meatballs these two threw down!  i am pretty sure everyone there thought our children were starved.

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