Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, July 7, 2012

leaving on a high note

 we love our annual trip to the del mar fair ( i don't like change so i am sticking with the old title).

 this fool LOVES to dance.  he is constantly coming up with a new move.  this is a snapshot sequence of his latest arm move.  he will dance like this to ANY song!

 our boys were giddy about going to the fair this year!  they were certain they wanted to use their recycling money from gaga, for a ride.  turns out the rides don't open until 12 and we weren't planning on hanging around much past that.  fortunately they saw the cars racing and decided they wanted to spend their money on that.

 after the music, photo booth(annual photo booth picture to come) and car racing, we headed in for donuts.  can you tell we like to eat?!

 we did NOT try any of these!  totally fried kool-aid?!  HOW??? better yet, WHY?
 last stop: the animals.

 1 hour and 45 minutes and we had done our damage at the fair. we all left smiling and wanting to stay longer.

 as we were almost to our car, stew pointed out that we left on a high note- no meltdowns, no whining and all were still giddy about the fair.  maybe next year we'll stay for a full 2 hours :)
this sweet face was ready for his bed.  the fair opening at 11am was a late start for our crew.  one day we won't race home for naps, but fortunately we're not there yet.

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