Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, July 29, 2012

happy birthday grandma chris

a couple of weeks ago, stew was away at camp, but we still got to celebrate grandma chris' birthday!  the boys had no problem helping her with the dessert(me either;)).   happy birthday chris!  thank you for raising the neatest man i know!  you deserve to be celebrated.

  to be honest, i was dreading the week stew was gone.  my mom and aunt were gone in paris and i was afraid i wouldn't have a moment to myself.  my mother in law and father in law were so great to offer to come over TWO nights!  heck yes!  the week ended up being a lot of work, but still a good week.  i am so grateful my sister came by and my dad watched the boys after they went to bed, giving me some time to be by myself.  we are spoiled!

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