Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, October 13, 2012

scarecrow time

isaac has his surgery scheduled for october 23rd.  in preparation they have advised us to keep our children away from germs and sickness(do they realize we have boys??), going into isolation.  if isaac even has a slight cold he will have to miss his surgery.  that being said, we decided we would follow the nurses orders and stay in isolation for a couple of short(ha!) weeks.

we have gotten creative with our HOURS of free time.  forts have been built, mud pies have been stacked, balls have been thrown, bikes have been rode, bread has been baked, soups have been made, and countless walks around the block.  last week i decided a scarecrow was in order- we needed something new!  my mom used to make them with us each year and i remember being so excited about it.  our boys shared the same joy as they stuffed stew's old jeans full of packing wrap and old paper.

clearly the time away hasn't been as hard as i anticipated, but i will say that the days can be very long!  the best part has been the time and memories we are making all alone as a family.  i often get so busy inviting friends and making plans that i rarely plan for just us to do things together.  it's proving to be a good thing for our family.  if you think of our family, please pray that we would stay well, especially isaac!  we will welcome the germs after his surgery.  well, not really welcome, but will be ok with the germs after october 23rd.  ten more days- more to come on that.

they named him boo nemo, much like our former fish, buzz nemo.  thank goodness they're not naming their next brother.  can you imagine??
my mom is much better at these scarecrows!  

ryder added some special touches. 

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