Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, October 13, 2012

we miss our old place.

a couple of weeks ago logan, matthew and parents came to play at our new place.  the boys were thrilled(so was stew and i). 
 today we took a family walk to the farmer's market for some fresh flowers.  on the way back isaac started asking if we could go back to our old house.  stew and i asked him what he missed and he said, "logan and matthew."  stew pointed out how hard it is to miss friends, but that they could come over and play right after isaac's surgery.  as we walked past our condo we saw logan and matthew riding scooters.  such a fun treat as we are not getting to see friends during this short isolation period.  change is hard, but it can also bring a lot of good.
logan and matthew decided to give our boys their old john deere tractor.  a huge highlight at the new place!  

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