Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, June 1, 2012

goodbye training wheels

we LOVE isaac's teachers and class!  the night before his last day of preschool(he will be at a new preschool in the fall), i cried.  i hate change, especially when it's a change from something that is so great.  we have been spoiled with some of the most loving and kind teachers and classmates.  what a sweet experience these past 2 years have been for our family.  we are forever grateful for these relationships. 
ms. brandi(she has been with isaac from the beginning).  when i asked isaac why brandi is a favorite he said, "she changes me when i am wet."  they must play in the water a lot because he comes home in new dry clothes often.  

ms. amanda.  when i asked what he liked about ms. amanda he said, "she's kind."  

ms. justine 

isaac and terje. when i asked isaac what he likes to do with terje he said, "play silly things."  true statement!  these two are silly!
the whole class celebrated the end of the year at a local park.  

isaac asked to ride his friend's bike without training wheels.  i didn't think he was ready to try it, turns out i was wrong.  he rode all over the park by himself and insisted on taking his training wheels off of his own bike once we got home.  way to go big boy!  you constantly surprise me:)   

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