Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

20 months!

asher, you are a total treat!  how are you already 20 months old?  i have to remind myself that you are not a baby anymore.  your vocabulary has taken off!  you don't hesitate to bark at the brothers to "come!"  you insist on joining in the fun with the big boys, riding bikes, running and even jumping on the bed.  i am not sure you know that you are a bit younger than your brothers because you throw a fit any time you aren't included in their fun.  
we recently realized that the change of moving is hard on you.  daddy cleaned out his closet that we call your "bedroom."  you cried hysterically when you looked around the closet and saw it empty.  boy will you be surprised when you see that you get your own crib(bye bye pack and play) and room (until your little brother is born)in our new place.  
i love that you are so full of energy and personality.  true, that you wear me out, but i love your spunk.  you make us laugh with your new found words and dance moves.  
daddy has officially become the new favorite (i knew it was too good to last!).  true to form in this family, by 19 months all the boys go to the "dark side" of wanting daddy over mommy.  daddy says it's a healthy thing.  i am sure it is.   

you have graduated to popcorn and movie nights!  it's my key to survival on the nights when daddy works late.  you still don't care much for the movie, but you LOVE popcorn!  you usually polish off a bowl and come running, asking for more.  it's no wonder you weighed in at 28lbs last week.  
i am excited to see you become a big brother.  you have such a fun loving personality that i am certain a new brother will add to your excitement(and my work load;)).  
i love being your mommy!  

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