Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, September 30, 2012

a bad day for the tongues

 yesterday was a day of adventure. my mom, aunt and i headed to pat's to pick up our kitchen chairs and console.  i was also hoping to drop off a couple little pieces for some painting.  if you need something painted, this is the place!  super cheap and run by ex-convicts.  they do NOT run on a time schedule and the organization level is at an all time low(we all know that's not a problem for me), but the people are neat and hard working!  i love supporting these kinds of businesses. 

this is pat's desk:)  what did i say about the organization?!
i returned to find the culligan man installing our water too far to the left(a huge first world problem: my clean and filtered water was not being installed where i wanted it!).  it was a mistake that could not be repaired and so i shall learn to live with it and learn to be flexible(i hate being flexible;)).  it was at this point that i was informed that asher had slipped in the bathroom and cut his tongue.  probably the reason that my poor baby kept waking up during his nap crying.  we hit him with some meds and he seemed to be fine.  

 you could see inside his tongue.  

a sweet friend popped over with her son and a delicious meal!  thank you!  a true highlight in our day:)  stew left for sleepless in san diego and then the fun really started.  my mom and aunt returned with isaac in arms, crying.  apparently he had been on his new pogo stick having a blast when he came down and bit his tongue.  i was still stuck on the culligan spout(like i said, i hate being flexible.) and didn't really think the tongue was too bad(i have boys and am getting way too used to cuts and blood).  i called stew and he said to give children's a call to check.  the nurse said if the gash was a 1/2" or bigger he would need to be seen.  she also said that if it needed stitches and we didn't get them, he would need a repair.  we do NOT NEED another repair on the books.  we measured and the gash was 1/2",  so off to children's we went!  my exhausted mom and sister watched the two younger boys while my aunt and i headed ventured back( let's remember earlier this year when ryder had to get his forehead glued back together.) to children's.   
i was scared to take isaac into the germ-fest(we are supposed to be avoiding all sickness until isaac's surgery) of the ER, but as soon as we checked in, they saw us.  NO WAITING(a small miracle if you know children's ER)!!!  it's a good thing because there was a kid in there who had been lifeless for 3 days, according to his mom.  the nurse looked and said it was on the line of going either way.  fortunately the doctor came in and said she wouldn't stitch it.  apparently they no longer stitch those size gashes unless they are down the center of the body of the tongue.  we were thrilled!!  she said that they now find that the tongue will often do a better job of healing on it's own.  we headed home, stopping for the much deserved ice cream.  

today we started the morning with popsicles and ice cream, but his tongue is already on the mend!  it looks like today is going to be a better day:)   

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