Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, September 27, 2012

moving, moths and meltdowns

we have had a lot going on and most of it has been good or has the potential to be good.  my sister gave ryder a silk worm and that thing was clearly a survivor.  after much man handling, that thing still made a cocoon and even turned into a moth.  this is a small miracle for our family.  please remember the fish saga.  i am not sure i mentioned it, but the beta died too!

 we managed to pack up our condo and move 1/2 a mile, thanks to our families and friends.  if you know me, you know i am a huge acts of service person.  yes, gifts too, but the older i get, the more i receive love through acts of service.  fortunately i married a man who knows how to serve!  he was awesome as i was very limited on what i could do to help.  i kept telling him that i receive love through acts of service(as i added to my honey-do list daily).  i could go on and on with how loved i felt as we had family and friends pour in to watch our boys, help us load, clean, unpack and feed us. thank you!  that was no small feat!  if you haven't moved with three small children while 19 weeks pregnant, you haven't lived. ;)  hope to NEVER do that again!
 ryder graduated to a big boy bed!  he LOVES it and his new bedding(thanks auntie!).  
 isaac and ryder continue to share a room and probably will for the rest of their years with us.  i can't imagine them not together.  
 asher upgraded from a pack n play in stew's closet to a crib in his own room!!  let's hope he doesn't get used to it as he will have a baby brother to share that room with soon.
 we had sweet friends drop by our second night in the new place.  who doesn't love a friend coming by with beer and smiles.  thank you guys!
 the boys have had a few friends come to play and have loved showing off their "man cave" and backyard.  
 ryder has been busy bug hunting and exploring.  this child was born for the outdoors.  he is ready to head outside by 6 am each day!
 asher has had the hardest time adjusting.  the first few days he wandered around the house, crying.  he was constantly doing a role call, checking to see who was present.  we're(especially me and asher) not real good with change in the montgomery family, but we're all adjusting.
 gaga brought over his favorite car from her place.  that has proven to be a source of comfort as he drives all over.

 this character has also decided that he can feed himself.  don't even think of helping!  he has also mastered putting on a good pair of crocs.  he won't let me help, no matter how frustrated he gets.  

we found out yesterday that isaac will go in for his lip and nose repair on october 23rd.  as a mom, i have this false sense of control that is so hard to let go of!  if you think of us, please pray that we stay healthy and free of sickness.  isaac has to be totally well to keep his surgery appointment.  i am sure there will be plenty of tears from me as i prepare to send my sweet boy back into surgery.  i am hoping there's plenty of laughter to accompany the tears.  we'll keep you posted.  

for now, we are loving our new place!  i am so grateful we have the space and backyard as we enter into a tough couple of months.  thank you to all who have helped make this our reality!  we are so grateful!

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