Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, September 14, 2012

first day of preschool/pre-k

 this past tuesday was the big boys' first day of preschool.  isaac has been in preschool for a couple of years, in hopes of helping his speech progress(and it has), but tuesday we were off to a new school.  i am always a little hesitant to put my kids in school at such a young age, but with much encouragement and with all their excitement, i am glad we did.  they will both be in school tuesday and thursday mornings, while asher and i spend a little time together. 

  ryder picked out his own outfit:)

 my aunt came down to watch asher so that we could take the boys to their first day without chasing this little guy.  it's really nice to be able to give isaac and ryder our undivided attention.  thank you auntie!
 asher was less than excited to be left behind. 
 yes, they were pretty excited!

 it's yellow week!  can you tell?
 we dropped ryder off first. 
 had a few minutes of play time.
 then off to isaac's class

 it was a very short first day(about an hour), but they managed to give the kids a tour of the school and introduce them to their new rooms.  ryder got to be the line leader on his class tour.  
a little elizabethan cupcake to celebrate the first day of school!

yesterday(thursday) was the first full day(picking up at noon).  i was a little sad as asher and i pulled away in our empty and quiet minivan.  i called stew to tell him that i felt like i was missing something or someone.  i am sure i will soon get used to the few hours of alone time with asher and the ability to race through target with one child.  

when i picked up the boys, they were both with friends, having a good time!  ryder's teacher pointed at ryder and said, "that one's a go getter!"  yes he is:)

looks like this mom will have to get used to the fact that kids do grow up.  everything inside me wants to protect them from the outside world and anything that might by painful or sad, but then what kind of kids would we be raising?  here's to hoping and praying that our boys make good choices when we aren't around.  i am praying they have a heart for those who need a friend, gentle words and kindness for others.  


parsonsfamily said...

such a great post and pictures....they are just so cute. I'm so glad that they will all be at school together this year!

The Montgomerys said...

thanks friend! should be a good year:)


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