Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, September 9, 2012

just a little environmental health sign

you might think this little sign would keep us out of the pool.  nope.  i promise that i did talk to ron (the pool man that comes twice a week) and he said the chlorine levels were good and high(the gate is still broken), but that no one would be back out to take this sign down until next week.  it was hot and so in the crew went!

 our summer has been filled with days at the pool.  as we are preparing to move, i am sad to leave this daily ritual.  this summer has been filled with days of nausea for me, but the pool has proven to be a safe haven for our boys as i've parked my lazy booty on a chair under the umbrella.

paul was in town from washington and the boys were giddy to have another guy in the house.  can i say that paul might have been the most low maintenance human being to ever step foot in our little place?!  paul brought an old surfboard for our boys to play with in the pool.  thank you paul!  it was a treat to see you!

 isaac's pretty sure he's ready for paddle boarding(not sure I am ready to let him head out with daddy and friends yet).

and just to make sure we really soaked up the chlorine, we headed back the next day:)

this little guy loves to get out for a little towel time before jumping back in. 

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