Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, August 3, 2013

this mama is crazy

whenever i get stressed or nervous i do crazy stuff.  this week we were preparing to get isaac's ear tube reinserted and to have noah fitted for his hip brace(he has hip dysplasia).  there was one more doctor's visit in there for ryder and it all had me a bit anxious.  clearly my trip to home depot for some pots took a turn for the worst.  i ended up buying a palm tree!  what?!
 and this is what it looks like when you call your dad to come help you load it into your mini van to get it home.  yes, i had to go 15 mph the whole way!

 isaac was all ready for his mini surgery.  found out this round that he gets something called delirium when he comes to.  we'll be working on finding some drugs that can help this before his next big surgery.   
took this guy with us to the hospital.  have i mentioned how easy going he is?  the Lord knew we needed one that could go with the flow. 
these 2 spent the day with my sister at the beach so we could focus on isaac.  thank you al!we hadn't seen the priors since nathan and hollie were little kids.  such a treat to reconnect with them while thery were in town on holiday.  so many great memories.  what a treat to catch up and introduce our boys to them!

 this guy gives me a run for my money but man is he funny!

 my sweet boy right before he was introduced to his new 23 hour(pretty much all the time!) a day attire.
 and this is what it looks like on...

did i mention i do crazy things?? that dang palm tree kept falling over!

 but life continues...
 our boys have loved playing with the high school kids this summer.

 i've adjusted to the newway i hold my sweet baby and his 9 point harness.  
and we got lights!

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