Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Minnesota and San Diego

asher has decided he likes to go potty on the potty...some of the time. 

as my sister posted pictures on Instagram i posted that i wanted to go next time!  her response made me laugh.  i am stopping and i am going next time!

while my mom, aunt and sister were in MN visiting friends and family we received pictures like this.

we sent back pictures like this...

though this guys spends 23 hours a day in his hip brace we give him the occasional break.
we went to VG's donuts... again!  and then took a little walk- the walk was rough, but we survived.
not napping asher leads to this as soon as he hits the bed...
the others have also been a bit tired at night.

if i got a dollar for every comment i receive from strangers about having 4 boys and this close in age, we wouldn't have to worry about paying for their college education. after seeing this photo i realize why we get the comments-- we look like a traveling circus.

fortunately we had a great day at the pool, making up for our less the less than great previous day. 
(noah took a little nap on the chair while we swam!)

isaac's friend terje had a fun swim party.  monet, terje's mom is an amazing photographer and captured this little gem:)

we still got a date night in.  i haven't been to UTC in a VERY long time, but it was beautiful on a warm evening. 

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