Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, August 3, 2013

5 months of sweet baby noah

noah,  5 months?!  you are a totally chill baby.  you endure a lot of love and seem to enjoy it.  we continue to brag about your sweet spirit and how easy going you are(we NEEDED one). your little crib is still next to my side of the bed and i love peeking at you before i close my eyes each night.  you are great with going to bed and have set your bedtime at 6pm.  of course i see you again at some point in the night, but i don't mind.  i can't say that you are a great napper in your bed, but you'll catch on.  i partly think it's due to the fact that we are always waking you up to drag you to some park or pool.  you have had to learn to adjust and i am sure your life will be filled with adjusting,  the good news is, your brothers protect you and love you.  asher has a special love for you, it melts my heart.  even on his toughest days he is very gentle with you and loves to put his head by yours while he sucks his thumb.  i am hopeful that you two will be as close as your older brothers.  you are a perfect addition to this family.  i love you! 

sitting has not been mastered.

what better way to celebrate noah's 5 months than with friends and water balloons (thank you, amanda!)?!

 5 months looks good on this little guy:)

since i had my mom to help me with the other boys, i got to take this guy out for a little ice cream.
 dinner with papa alan, grandma chris and aunt beth that night. thank you!

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