Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, November 14, 2010

thomas the train returns

november 11th, isaac skipped preschool and i ditched work as we headed to "a day out with thomas." isaac and i went last year and had a great time. this year ryder was old enough to join in the fun and clearly he did just that. grandma chris came along for moral support.

the tent with all the trains was a real big hit. most of the time was spent playing there.

grandma chris helps with the stamps

ryder points out the finer aspects of thomas

isaac's been working on the railroad...

they also had a petting zoo. ryder had a good time trying to feed wood chips to the animals.

the bright matching colors make them easier to spot in a crowd. plus it just makes them cute.

ryder was a little unsure of the train ride at first.

isaac making new friends.

both of them cashed out on the way home, and both of them returned with a gift thanks to grandma chris. can't wait till next year.

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