Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

trick or treat

yet again my parents opened up their home so that we could all gather for a little halloween party. it was one of those nights that felt like fall. the kids were running around outside, playing tag, getting along, and we were eating soup and drinking tasty drinks. i love times that feel just right. family, friends and kids enjoying life!
after the kids had played and the adults had chatted we hit the streets in search of candy. this year we made it all the way around the block, snagging a large amount of loot. apparently our kids feel all too comfortable wandering into the homes of perfectly good strangers. unfortunately at this point most of the candy has been consumed by myself (don't judge, i am eating for two;). too bad i had great intentions of donating the candy. clearly good intentions in life mean NOTHING!

no, stew was not dressed as my dad. he was the guy from "dad's life." check it out.

these two have been friends since birth.

not all the kids could fit, the lucky ones got away.

trick or treat! we're coming in!

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allisonmenconi said...

oh my goodness the smile on the boys in the family shot KILLS me!


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