Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

good news, bad news

the highlight of the weekend was the birth choice baby shower we had at my mom's house. many friends and family members donated over 2500 diapers, formula, clothes, wipes and other baby items for these young girls. it was such a treat to hear gaby, one of the young girls who has benefited from birth choice, share the impact that this organization has had on her life. it was truly a treat to be a part of the day and to watch God provide in amazing ways. here's a picture that the director sent me of some of the donations. thank you to all those who donated!

we continue to have plumbing issues. almost 2 months ago our downstairs toilet overflowed. we had a plumber out to check into the true problem since this seems to be an ongoing problem around here. nothing found. fortunately our insurance handed us a pretty penny to clean it all up. nick, stew's cousin put in some new slate for us since the ground had to be torn up. it looks amazing. 3 days after it was completed, water came up through the toilet AGAIN. we soon found out that the washing machine was pumping water up through the pipe and out of our toilet. the bummer was that our neighbor's shower and plumbing came up too. huge bummer. stew dumped bucket after bucket of nasty water out. fortunately quickly got heaters in there to dry it out in hopes of salvaging all the work that had already been done. the good news is that the plumber came back out and found that one of our pipes was so old that there was build up making the area 1/2 inch round rather than the designed 3 inches. all is well that ends well. more pictures to come of the new bathroom.

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