Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, April 9, 2011


thumbs up for disneyland! my aunt's friend works for disney and hooked us up with free admission. AGAIN!
asher's first time! lucky guy got to see disneyland at 2.5 months.
we consider this a good family photo at this point in life... we're all in it.

would someone please tell me when my sunscreen looks more like clown makeup? thanks.
we immediately hit the new buzz lightyear astro blasters ride. we might be buzz's biggest fans or at least isaac might be.
then off to ride the rockets. a true favorite.

ryder walks to the beat of his own drum. please note the hat.

this is the point where ryder lost it when he realized isaac was wearing his hat. please remember that the hats are EXACTLY THE SAME!! ryder's hat was actually in my backpack and was soon returned.
back for a second time.

yes, my 39 pound child likes when i carry him around on my back. my back hates it but isaac loves it. he even stayed on my back through the entire jungle ride. i am pretty sure this is the reason i have been keeping my chiropractor in business.
a game of chase as we were leaving.
the guy who put us on the tram to the parking structure said we had only stayed half the day. 4:30 seemed like a full day to me. these kids were in pjs and off to sleep soon after we started the car headed for home. stew and i decided to stop for in- n- out on the way home since the boys were all sleeping. no sooner did i start in on my fries did ryder open his eyes and ask for some. really?

p.s. a new friend of mine just went to disneyland as well. she is a blogger and her account of their time is hysterical! check it out. she had me in tears i was laughing so hard.


Evelyn said...

We were just at Disney sunday! Finaly let Nana and Papa talk us into taking the kids back. It is so much better going early, we left at 3. Fun fun.

The Montgomerys said...

our kids love disneyland! so fun at this age.

Heidi Joe said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome day. I want to go to Disneyland!
Also... I remember when I used to do wedding makeup and when I took classes for Bobbi Brown and they said that photo flash bounces off of the block in sunblock (the zinc oxide, I guess?) so they always said not to put sunscreen on for brides since they would be photographed. Maybe your sunscreen just shows up when there's a flash?

Also you friend's blog is hysterical!! :)

The Montgomerys said...

Heidi, i heard that about makeup when i was getting married but never thought about it with my sunscreen now. let's hope that was the case. yikes!

p.s. my mom got her box of goodies!! i was just as excited as she was:)


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