Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, May 17, 2013

3 months of baby noah

 please note the bruise/mark on asher's face from his face plant earlier that morning at the park.  

 you are a good sport, noah!

baby noah you are so sweet!  you are crying less and less(THANK THE GOOD LORD!!!).  you have started to coo and smile a lot.  i love that we can put you down and you fall asleep after only a few minutes(most of the time).  your gas still wakes you up a lot, but you are getting that under control- way to go! the brothers still love to kiss you and your hair (what little you have)usually has spit in it from asher's drool.  you sleep in your little cosleeper most of the night, but i often find you in our bed.  i have no clue how i get you in there, but it happens at some point in the night.  you have started to sleep a bit better in the night, only feeding once on a good night.  yesterday you weighed in at 16lbs1oz.  i am thinking you will be able to hold your own with the brothers. you still barf a lot and i still wear that smell around with pride(that's what i am telling myself).  you are proving to be a sweet baby.  we are so sorry you have already put you through 3 colds.  the good news is that you are building your immune system.  summer is coming and i think you'll be a fan.  when you are screaming we walk outside and you start to calm down.  a boy after my own heart.  let the outside fun begin.  i love you sweet baby.

each boy has had their very unique personality and look.  take a peak...
isaac at approximately 3 months
ryder at 3 months

asher at 3 months.

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