Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

it's hard!

today i set out for a little jog with my littlest guy.  as i was coming to the end of my run(who am i kidding, run is a bit overstated.) i was pushing the stroller up hill and clearly out of breath.  a woman going the opposite way screams out, "you go girl!  it's hard!"  i wanted to reach out and hug her.  fortunately i kept my hug to myself and replied with, "thanks!" a thank you for the encouragement and a thank you for the acknowledgment that yes, it's hard.  life is hard.  not sleeping through the night is hard(i am getting too old for this not sleeping jazz).  having patience while being exhausted is hard.  raising kids is hard-- i don't care how many kids you have, it's hard.  discipline is hard.  not having the day go anywhere near what you hoped for is hard.  not getting time alone to shower/use the bathroom and get dressed on a regular basis is hard.  spending days cleaning, folding laundry(why can't that laundry put itself away?!) and wiping bottoms is hard.  modeling kind behavior for your children is hard.  praying for the people that have hurt you is hard.  forgiveness is hard.  reading about moms and dads that have lost their children is hard.  not getting your way is hard.  saying sorry is hard.  life. is. hard.  and in the midst of it there are these sweet people that come along and cheer us on, screaming "you go girl! it's hard!"

may we all be those individuals that scream out to each other with empathy, "you go girl! it's hard!"


lklomicka said...

Thanks. I needed that. The next Mama I see I am going to yell out to her "you go girl! It its hard!" Hugs to you from one Colorado Mama to a CA Mama". P.S. I am still in my pajamas, my kids aren't dressed, and there are dishes in my sink. There, brutal honesty for you.

The Montgomerys said...

right back at you! here's to many days of dishes in the sink, pajamas on midday and just holding on! we can do it:)

Heidi Joe said...

I'm giving you my most enthusiastic "YOU GO GIRL!" with Cheerleader PomPoms and a round-off back handspring right now. (Okay not really on the gymnastics, but in my mind I am!) You're one of my heroes, Annie... seriously. Love you!


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