Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, May 4, 2013


my sister got him this adorable onesie.  i can't get over it!

 i love warm weather for many reasons...

 this past thursday i walked outside to find this little guy hanging out.  i might have totally freaked out a few years ago when one of these guys made it's way into our place.  this time i was determined to play it cool.  i ran inside, dumped all the legos out of a box and ran back outside to trap this huge dinosaur lizard.  best part was when ryder said, "good job mom!  your first one!"  it's the little things with these guys.  

so glad he doesn't remember how the first lizard incident went down.  me screaming sh*t while my mother in law and i tried to figure out how to get the lizard off my couch and out of my house.  

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