Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, December 16, 2011

belmont retirement center

tami organizes an amazing opportunity for our children to visit a local retirement center one sunday a month.  our kids get to visit with the very kind and PATIENT folks as they do a craft together.  this month we made christmas trees with ice cream cones, frosting and candy.  i think everyone had a great time, we sure did! thank you, tami!  we're enjoying getting to know our new friends at the belmont retirement center. (forgive the pictures, i had asher on the front of me.)
sweet sarah(on the right) was so gentle and encouraging of ryder.   she did such a great job encouraging him with his first tree, he moved around the table decorating every lady's tree.  what a riot! 

a true highlight of the morning is when the director of the retirement center had everyone sing happy birthday to asher and another little girl.  i tried to tell her he was 11 months that day, not 1 year old.  she said nobody needed to know that.  it reminded me of something my mom would have done.  she used to take us to visit retirement centers often.  she was always coming up with funny little things to entertain everyone.  love that!

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