Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, December 18, 2011

stuff your stocking

thursday i was invited to a "stuff your stocking" party, hosted by these two gals.   it was very similar to a favorite things party, but with a few new creative twists.  these girls spoiled us with a night of pure fun! thank you both!
 every friend brought 3 unwrapped items along with their own stocking. we placed each of our goodies on the dining room table in front of a glass.  once all the gifts were out, we were given 3 candy canes (2 small and 1 large).  we took our candy canes and placed them in the glasses of the items that we might want to take home, the largest candy cane placed next to our first choice item.  at some point paige and melissa disappeared from the group and did the sorting of the goodies, dispersing them into all of our stockings.  as we sat around talking, the door bell rang and guess who it was...
inside of santa's bag were each of our stockings filled with our new goodies.  such a fun surprise!  we were like a group of little kids, laughing and giddy.  thank you, frank!  

we even got to take individual shots with santa!  so much fun!
did i mention we had a little ornament exchange as well?  look at the beauty i brought home.   

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