Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, December 11, 2011


aunt bonnie took our crew to disneyland last tuesday for a day of  fun!  the boys have been talking about going since she mentioned it.  this was our 4th trip and  disneyland did not disappoint.  so many beautiful decorations, fun rides and running into friends(does chad lowe count as a friend?:))  much to my surprise baby asher made it through the day with a ten minute nap (love the third born) and the older boys did really well.  love those days when everyone seems to be on their best behavior!  please know that our best behavior does not mean that we were perfect(pictures to follow).  

started off on the buzz ride.  though not our first time on this ride the boys were scared.  funny that they have been sharing with people that it was their favorite ride.  ha!

we headed over to small world to get the kids back in the swing of things. 

ran into laura on her birthday-  happy birthday, laura!

back on small world.  the boys were amazed through the ride.  even baby asher loved it:)

i love when he checks things out with this munchable little face.  seriously want to eat him up!

this sequence is so typical.
i kind of want to frame it for my house as a reminder of what my life looks like to others.

off to the jungle ride!

the ride might have been a little intense for my kids. 

we saw the lighting of the tree...

...and watched the parade (wish you could've seen the faces on the couple sitting by us at the parade.  let's just say that their little girl was a quiet little child, while ours were running, jumping and kind of bumping into them.).


what a great day!  thank you, auntie!  we felt spoiled:)

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