Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, December 11, 2011

happy birthday graham!

graham turned 2!  please note his glare.  he's afraid i am going in for more of his chick fil a nuggets.  dang those things are delicious.  it was my first experience with chick fil a ( i know, how did i go to baylor and not experience them before?!)   and i am in love!  i should also confess that i am NOT a fast food fan, but have made my way back to chick fil a already!

the whole party was car themed and decked out accordingly.  it was awesome!! 

stew saw this picture and said, "that was my favorite part!"  yep, my husband would wait for the kids to come to the side and he would push them all down.  it was a riot for him and the kids:)  it's probably a good thing we have all boys!

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Evelyn said...

We love chick-fil-a. If you must fast food, that's the way to go!


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