Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, December 12, 2011

three cavities and fun

friday morning we joined a few friends for a fun little play-date.  soula had crafts, a jumpy and we all brought food.   so much fun!  please note the butterfly that ryder was giddy for me to see.  little did i know the thing was real!  oh the excitement;)
the attempted group shot that will always be funny to me. 

this little trooper had three cavities filled before the party(partially due to genes and partially due to his cleft).  stew took him for the appointment and said he was amazing!  he had all the cavities filled without any drugs and was very still through the process.  if you need a dentist let us know.  she's located in the forum and ridiculously affordable($19 for a child's cleaning and $39 for adults)!    

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