Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, December 17, 2011

end of the semester

the only picture i captured from isaac's preschool picnic.  ryder didn't make it into the photos with the big kids and really wanted to be in a picture.  can you see the tears?
thursday marked the end of the semester for isaac's preschool.  many of my friends talked about these great christmas parties at their child's school or performances their kids were in.  isaac on the other hand had a crazy hair day(and he refused to do the crazy hair) for his ending.  all the families gathered for a picnic(do boys actually ever sit still for these things?) out on the playground and then headed home.  i was a tad bit sad that our preschool doesn't celebrate christmas or do any of those cute performances.  i love christmas and wanted to enjoy the kids singing sweet christmas carols and hearing about the birth of jesus while trying to keep an eye on my other two little ones.  unfortunately that's not how isaac's preschool goes down and i had to choose to dwell on the reasons we LOVE isaac's school and class in general.  here's what i came up with...

1.  isaac's teachers take great care of him.
2.  the other parents are kind and involved.
3.  the students in this class treat each other like rock stars!
4.  isaac has a very dear friend(terje) that seems to have a similar joyful personality.  terje even refers to isaac as his best friend.  
5.  there's a lot of hand washing!(this is huge for a child with a low immune system!)
6. his teachers have learned how to put his hearing aids in and out so that he can wear them as much as possible. (this is huge!)
7. not everybody is white.  let's hear it for diversity!!
8. isaac loves going to school!
9. ms. jennifer came to isaac's IEP to make sure she was on the same page as his speech teacher. 
10.  the school and families are outside of our usual community.  i LOVE this and need this!  my world gets bigger.
11.  diver(one of the students) is an amazing little artist.  he makes pictures for isaac!  love that isaac continues to ask me to make pictures like diver.  ha!
12.  there's not a kid in the class that isaac doesn't enjoy (i guess i can't think of many people isaac doesn't enjoy:)).

i could go on and on, but these were the things that came to mind as i drove home from the picnic.  so, yeah, we didn't get to see any adorable kid performances(maybe someday), but it did force me to really think about the things i love about isaac's preschool. 

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