Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, June 21, 2012

calling all super heroes!

 our little super heroes were thrilled to celebrate their friend logan!  they had a wonderful time running, jumping and eating!  thank you for including us in the adventure.  happy birthday logan!
 tell me these two don't look like superman(flying) and spiderman(hands out and ready to climb).

 this character was all about playing with the big kids.  i can barely believe he is 17 months!

 spiderman showed up!  isaac introduced himself as spiderman and then followed it with, "my real name is isaac."  love him!

 please notice that my son did NOT leave the photo opportunity!
 asher decided he wanted the boys' cake.  he was MAD he didn't get any and is usually good at letting us know when he's not happy(he might have got that from his mom).

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