Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, June 24, 2012

*not pictured

 the big boys were at kidsgames every morning last week which left asher and i time to run errands, sit around and play with friends!  asher and finn are a riot together.  so fun that asher has his own little friend(it doesn't hurt that i am a huge fan of finn's mom)!  thanks for having us over for FRESH coffee and water time!  we heart the reviers! 

*not pictured:  asher's meltdown over a juice box.  he managed to squeeze it all over my pants and bag.

 crazy uncle james(yes, the boys call him that thanks to their mom;)) and aunt megan were out visiting and we got some time with them.  they watched the boys swim their second swim lesson of the summer.  the boys were proud!  grandma chris treated us all to frozen yogurt which was a fun treat!  so grateful for family!

*not pictured:  ryder's rough(extremely grumpy) wake from his nap before swim lessons.  he didn't really come to life until the middle of swim lessons when aunt megan and crazy uncle james waved at him.

*in attempt to keep this family journal/blog legit and real, i am going to try to include some of the moments we don't capture with our camera.  i'd hate to look back on these years and forget that real life(tantrums, crying, fighting, a tired mom who locks 3 little boys out on the back porch in order to get 5 quiet minutes) was happening in the midst of a few good shots:)  life's way sweeter when it's real- so here it goes!

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