Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, June 17, 2012

fresno: what a trip!

 the fun continued as our boys learned some fun new wii games.  even asher danced his way through the game.  emma is such a great big sister, making sure all are included.

 of course our boys wanted to show off their monkey tricks(stew swings them by their legs, high enough to touch the ceiling.).  stew managed to give all 9 kids a turn, proving he doesn't need a gym membership to get a workout;)
 asher will not be left behind!

jessica is very soft spoken and great at going with the flow.
sweet becca is an absolute riot,  a true entertainer.

we were introduced to the most amazing trampoline place.  it was incredible!  we "need" one of these in san diego.  kids AND parents get to jump!  (*those who have given birth, you will find that the bladder control is minimal when jumping.  learned that the hard way.)

we were asked several times what group we were with. 

let's here it for $10 pizza from costco.  how else do you feed 8 kids on the go?!

our best silly faces.
and then we thought we could make a pyramid...

i can barely believe this was the first time jenny had met asher.  she has made a point to meet each of my babies before they left the baby years.  when isaac was born, jenny came down to meet my sweet boy before he had his cleft repair.  before he was even born, i called jenny to tell her we found out isaac would be born with a cleft lip.  i was worried about how people in public would respond to his lip.  without hesitation she said, "you take that beautiful baby out and show him off with pride."  and we did just that!  i get teary eyed just thinking about all i have learned from jenny.  her life is lived in such a way that you can't help but know jesus better when you're around her (and scott for that matter). it's clear that the most important thing in their lives is loving jesus and loving others.  
i can remember when jenny kept a perfectly clean house.  she had a designated cleaning day(tuesday).  i was always amazed out how she could get that done with kids around.  this visit i realized she had let that part go.  her house wasn't dirty by any means, but it was well lived in.  when i asked her about it, she told me that she had to let that go.  she now has 6 kids that need a lot of love and there's no time to designate a cleaning day.  to be honest, i was more impressed with the fact that she had chosen what was more important for her family. 
i have been reading parenting book after parenting book in search of wisdom.  funny how having 3 little boys will lead you to crazy parenting reading!  yet, it was through a three day trip to fresno that i got to experience the kind of family environment i want to give my children.  her kids aren't perfect, but they care about each other and are so kind to others.  funny how our children pick up on what we do, rather than what we say.  
i learned so much!  i wish jenny would write a blog, but how does a mom of 6 find that kind of time?!  she is full of amazing stories and lessons learned.  she has such a kind heart and a real love for the fatherless and the hurting.  as we drove away i sobbed.  it was so good to be with a dear friend.  i left challenged to look in my own life and see how i am caring for the unloved.  how can i eliminate the things that keep me from truly enjoying my children?  it was a needed trip.  thank you drakes!  


parsonsfamily said...

SUCH a great great trip Annie! It's always so great to catch up with amazing friends. It looks like all of you had a blast....can't wait to meet the whole crew sometime!

The Montgomerys said...

thanks friend! they're coming to visit! you'll meet the whole crew soon:)


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