Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, June 23, 2012

happy father's day!

 happy father's day to two great dads!  love, loyalty and faithfulness are very important qualities in any relationship, but especially in marriage.  i am so grateful for my wonderful husband and dad who have lived out these qualities.  generations to come will benefit from their lives!
 i have the greatest husband!  he looks at me in a way that makes me forget that i've been chasing children all day and playing in the dirt.  he loves on all of us in a way that makes us feel special.  i love that about stew.  given the opportunity, our boys would spend every waking minute with their dad, chasing, tackling, doing tricks and sitting on his lap.  when i think i can't go on, stew has the energy to keep life moving.  he is generous with his time and is my favorite friend to sit and chat with.  thank you, little, for all you do!  i love you and i am so glad we like to be together(most of the time;))!
when i asked ryder what they like about daddy he said, "when he plays with me and be funny."

it's always a challenge coming up with a father's day gift for stew.  he loves thoughtful gifts and i can lack creativity.  this year i asked the boys if they wanted to make daddy a book.  they were in! isaac wrote "daddy" on several pages for his contribution.
ryder drew a sequence of pictures and then dictated what i should write.  i honestly howled when he did this one.  
picture 1:
"that's when daddy was mad... when isaac went poo poo in the bath.  he was so mad.  those are his angry eyes."

picture 2:
"it's daddy when he was happy."

there were additional pictures of daddy, but these two were my favorites.  i love when they come up with this stuff!
asher colored a picture as well.  that character LOVES to get a marker in his hand and go crazy!

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