Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, June 1, 2012

extra hands on deck

daddy went to mexico to help build homes and we were left stayed behind;)  fortunately we weren't alone!  my parents jumped in and my aunt came down to help me all weekend long.  funny how an extra pair of hands can make it so much easier!  i am seriously considering getting a nanny.  ok, so that's not true, but it would be awesome!!

auntie brought down some cars cookie cutters along with frosting for decorating.  i am not so good with sugar cookies, but the boys had a blast and ate plenty of sugar!

thanks auntie! 
saturday night we headed over to my parents place for dinner and a family walk.  thank you!  i would be lost without my family. 

sunday night we headed to the little carlsbad airport to watch the airplanes while we threw down plenty of food. 

monday we played at our new favorite park!  the night before we went exploring, in search of a new local park.  we found a gem!  

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