Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

rookie mom move #4,353,515

the morning started out with a couple of super heroes gearing up for legoland. (thanks for the new shirts gaga! )
(tuesday, june 5th)

love that legoland gives their members free passes to bring a friend!  today we took allison and finn.  we're pretty sure we convinced them they too should become annual pass holders- let the fun begin!

we piled all four boys in one car for the big train ride.  asher was just as excited as the big boys, jumping at the gate, "choo choo!"  

the train started and i immediately heard a familiar cry.  poor asher was sobbing!  i yelled to the boys to try to sooth him, but it was too late.  i was the mom that put a screaming child on the ride for the full two laps.  sure the other parents were shooting me glares.  i mean, who puts a 16 month old on a ride for the first time by himself with 3 other boys?  oh yeah, my friend allison, but her finn seemed to enjoy it.  lesson learned!  chalk it up to rookie mom move #4,353,515.

sweet ryder did his best to get asher to calm down.  just as the train stopped so did asher's tears.  i'd like to thank the woman working at the ride for announcing that he didn't enjoy the train(just in case anyone else couldn't hear his screaming for me).  love when people state the obvious;)  oh, and i'd also like to thank the dad that said, "poor little guy",  as the ride stopped.  seriously people, you're killing me!  
fortunately the minute we hit the water area, asher was all smiles(and all sunscreen)!

of course i hadn't planned on water, so we might have left looking a bit different than we entered the park. 

after ryder's nap, we decided it was an ice cream sandwich kind of day.

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