Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

girls trip 2011

a few months ago i was blog stalking melissa's friend and read all about her amazing annual girls trip. brilliant! i wanted in! once we all got talking about it we all wanted in! things just started to fall into place, including paige inviting us to all head to her cousin's house in la quinta (thanks paige!). 3 days without children, shopping, sitting by the pool, good food, great drinks, games and laughing until we cried(seriously howling). it was honestly a little piece of heaven. i needed this kind of vacation! i returned a better mom and wife thanks to my husband's willingness to give me this break. thank you to all of our family for chipping in with the kids! and a HUGE thank you to my exhausted husband who encouraged me to go play!
packed up
the night before we left for our trip we lost all power in san diego. i think we were all panicked that we might have to call off the girls trip. no joke, i almost cried. At 10 pm that thursday night, the electricity shot back on. i remember ducking out of my closet to see stew with his arms in the air, as if he had won a game. i spent the next 5(and i do mean 5) minutes throwing all i would need(a couple of bathing suits and some tank tops) into a bag. clearly we all packed a little more than bathing suits and tank tops, but we decided we would haul our food with us rather than waste time at a grocery store on our vacation.
lip gloss
funny how a long drive doesn't seem very long when you're with friends.
the drive

a pit stop at the outlets. it was a girls trip after all.
amanda and melissa raved about tommy bahama's and it did not disappoint!
oh heaven
jamie and amanda popped by the house to set everything up before meeting the rest of the crew at dinner. we felt spoiled when we were greeted by these fabulous personalized wine glasses(thanks, guys!)! no sooner did we fill those babies up and start in on chatting and games(if you're looking for a new game, give this one a try). seriously howled laughing!
first night
along with the wine glass, every girl had a personalized bag stuffed with goodies for the weekend! who doesn't love a cute bag full of treats?!
stuffed bag
woke up to this view each morning. holy heavens! did i mention i sat on my big booty sipping coffee, eating delicious food and enjoying uninterrupted conversation? you better believe i loved every last minute of it!
my roommate took full advantage of our quiet casita(yes, you read that right, we had our own little casita.). i am not naming any names, but this girl knows how to catch some shut eye. my internal 5:30 am alarm would not shut off, even on vacation.
golf cart
several of us were up early and off for a walk. little did we know we would soon be walking in some serious heat! we also didn't realize how far we had walked. so, yes, we called for amanda to retrieve us via golf cart. sadly i am not joking!
amanda in the golf cart
i am telling you this trip was full of humor!
the thing i love about these girls(aside from the fact that they know a lot of dirt on me and keep it to themselves) is that they have taught me so much about friendship. you know that brownie song about making new friends and keeping the old? it says, "one is silver and the other's gold." i am just wondering which is silver and which is gold? it's been through deep and honest relationships with my old friends that i've been able to start new dear friendships. so can't they both be gold? cause really, who wants silver over gold? just sayin...

palm springs shopping
once we were up and ready, we headed to the main shopping area (some referred to this as the beverly hills of palm springs. not sure i'd go to that extent.) to bum around. we didn't shop long since the pool was calling our names.

pool day

golden spoon

karen and baby dasso
we did take one baby with us.

my wine glass
tell me these glasses don't scream fun!

dinner was amazing! good job team! we ate SO MUCH FOOD!
and sat around an extra large round table chatting for a couple hours as we ate our three course meal. it was good for the soul.
and then we were back at the games. i am not going to lie, this was a true highlight for me! dance off!

good bye

this trip was just what i needed! i am tempted to write down all that happened so i can be reminded in 10 years when i go back to reread this, but there's no way for me to put it into words. it was all that i'd hoped for and then some. thank you friends! i am so so grateful!


parsonsfamily said...

what a great post!!! Just reading it brought it back in all its glory! Love you friend....

Evelyn said...

that. looked. awesome. I want one of those :)


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