Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, January 16, 2012

asher's day continues

big boy woke up from his much needed nap to see gaga ready to celebrate his first birthday.  

gaga brought over some new animal magnets for the fridge.  asher was pretty excited about all the attention.
and just when i thought the boys were going to let him actually play with his gift, they started moving all the magnets up high so that asher wouldn't pull them off the fridge.   

the brothers like to play games where they run down the hall, charging at asher.  he LOVES it(when he doesn't get plowed over)!

later that evening our dear friends popped over with a fun surprise for asher.   thank you guys!  i think asher felt like a big boy with the older brothers in bed and him up with friends;)
these two are great helpers with the little brothers (they have their own.)!
ryder was still awake and wondering what was going on down stairs.    he was thrilled to jump out of bed and join in the excitement.  
can you tell?

the parsons dropped off this awesome motorcycle(it makes sounds!).  asher was pumped. thanks, friends!
guess who else thought it was pretty cool?!
and look who was left playing with the box?  love the flexibility of the third born.  this picture might actually be one of my favorites, a picture of reality for this sweet boy;)  hysterical! 

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parsonsfamily said...

So fun!! Hope you guys had a great weekend celebrating the birthday boy!


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