Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

365 days of love

asher,  how in the world has it been a year?  i still refer to you as baby asher.  you are such a little love and such a bruiser.  you continue to hold your own with the big brothers, taking hit after hit and still wanting in on the fun.  your joyful personality makes life with you even more enjoyable.  i love when we play, just the two of us.  you laugh at the little games we come up with and think it's super great to take the brothers toys when they aren't around.  when isaac and ryder are near you do your best to keep up.  you love to play at the park, trucking up the stairs and launching yourself down the slide.  i'm not sure fear has kicked in for you.  you have lots to say, but not in any language i speak.  i love that you "talk" as if we know exactly what you are telling us and then bark if we don't do what you have said.  you are definitely a third born, going with the flow on most things.  your strong personality still lets us know you have your own ideas and opinions.  

this year has held so many wonderful firsts and a few not so great.  you survived your mom dropping you on your head(the neurologist said we shouldn't have walked out of there so easy.  i will forever be grateful for the friends and family that prayed for you in such a critical time.  if you're reading this and you're one that prayed, thank you!).  you learned to roll, crawl, climb and walk.  you've made it through two ear infections, several colds and the flu(thanks for sharing that with the family!).  you learned to smile and laugh early on(my favorite!).  you gained 6 teeth in a matter of two months(talk about a good time).  sleeping wasn't a strong point for a long while, but i am happy to report that you can sleep through the night(thank you, Jesus!  and thank you to the friends that reminded me that sleep training is crucial to survival.)!  you have been a one nap a day kind of kid, mainly due to life with two older brothers who love to be outdoors.  

almost every time we're out in public i receive comments from people about having three boys.  my favorite line is, "bless your heart."  fortunately you three boys have done just that!  little do they know the greatness that came when you made it three!  asher, we knew someone was missing from this crew, but we didn't know who until you arrived january 11, 2011.  i am so glad you're you!  and i am so glad i GET to be your mom.  may you always know that you are loved by your family, but more importantly by Jesus.  

what a fantastic year we've had.  life isn't always easy(in fact i am not sure it's ever easy.), but it sure is worth it.  

i asked your brothers what they like about you.  here's what they had to say. 
ryder:  "he does silly stuff."
isaac: "babyzilla is silly."
we refer to asher as babyzilla. it helps the boys laugh when he destroys the things they've made:)

a glimpse at our big boy's morning...
our birthday boy got this awesome mask in the mail from sharon, sarah and ed.  thanks guys!  stew and i had a good laugh this morning. 
the brothers and i took asher to the park to celebrate.  he's a huge fan of climbing the structure and throwing himself down the slide, head first.  he keeps me on my game. 

his first cupcake!  there wasn't any frosting, but this weekend we are celebrating with our families and we'll be sure he gets plenty of frosting. 

true montgomery fashion.  a little time on the ground doesn't slow us down. 

my three little loves.  i wouldn't miss my days with these three for anything(that's saying a lot especially since all of them managed to get poop on me at some point yesterday)!

thank you for capturing these, joy!
happy birthday baby big boy asher!  (please excuse the oversized glasses that were all over my face.)  


parsonsfamily said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! Especially those last few. Hope you guys had a great day and I can't wait to see the cake pics from this weekend.

The Montgomerys said...

thanks, friend! i'm excited to see him take on the frosting as well:)


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